The owners of this beautiful 2 bedroom condo are both pilots who travel a lot and cherish spending quality time at home. They wanted to decorate the space with a few pieces that would add drama but still be inviting and comfortable. Our first challenge was the dimly lit living and kitchen area. Pot lights were added along the perimeter of the living room and a bulkhead was built over the kitchen peninsula to house 3 striking pendant lights. To close off the long room we anchored the south wall with large tiles and an electric fireplace. A bold black and grey metallic wallpaper was selected to frame a sleek metal bench, for the entrance way, creating a strong statement from the moment you enter this stunning home. The final touch were the custom acrylic paintings creating by Micheal Lambie, to add an element of organic colour and movement.

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renovation by DaanDirk from the Noun Project | color swatches by Philipp Lehmann from the Noun Project | bush by ludmil from the Noun Project | resale by Arthur Shlain from the Noun Project